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Roof Tile & Fences

Roof tiles in Garden Homes can be either single or double barrel concrete or metal.  


After Hurricane Wilma in 2005, standard colors were established for the community using Boral Roofing manufactured tiles in the following three colors: Alethian Blend, Terracotta and Arizona Clay.

Roof Tile Colors

Terra Cotta

Athenian Blend

Arizona Clay

Boral may no longer manufacture these colors as standard products, only special order.  To assist the homeowners, the Board has approved using either Entegra or Eagle Roofing products.   The color tile chosen from either Entegra or Eagle must match either of the three Boral colors as closely as possible.  


Homeowners are required to submit an Architectural Application prior to submitting a permit with the City of Weston.  Each Application must state the manufacturer and color tile chosen and include a brochure with the Application Package.  For further information on submitting the Architectural Application package, please visit Forms & Application tab then down load Application Instruction, Application and Checklist for ARC. 

Fence Color

Fencing must be wood shadowbox (4” or 6” slats / boards).  On lakeside only, fencing must be white rail. 

All exterior fencing must be painted Garden Homes Fence color and may not remain natural effective Board of Directors Policy enacted September 20, 2014.    


Interior fencing (inside your own back yard) may remain natural wood or may be stained with a CLEAR stain, similar to Thompson Water Seal.  If the owner wishes to paint the interior of their fence, it must be the Garden Homes Fence color only. 


Replacement fences require Architectural Application approval in addition to City of Weston permitting.  Repairs of a few individual slats / boards do not require Application but if they are exterior slats / boards, they must be painted. 

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