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Jeffrey Hoppenfeld


Chris Ertelt


Stephen Taylor


Matthew Haklai

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Vice President

Ben Stewart


Stacy Cutrono


Julie Nydeggar

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Volunteers are needed to serve on the Board of Directors! 

Anyone interested in serving on the Board of Directors is urged to submit their intent via email: or  

You may also fax your intent to 954-385-9440.  You are also welcome to attend any Board meeting, which is open to all members of the Association. 

Any person wishing to be considered must not be a convicted felon and must be a homeowner in good standing. It is a requirement of the Florida Legislature, Statute 720.3033, that all Board members must either complete a Board Member Certification course (free of charge by many providers) or certify in writing that he or she has read the Covenants, Articles of Incorporation, By Laws and Amendments, within 90 days of being appointed by the current Board.

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